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Dental dentures

  • partial dentures – replacement of missing teeth
  • complete dentures – replacement of all the teeth

Partial denture

Partial denture usually replaces several missing teeth. It is less favoured among patients, because it is made from resin, which cannot be perfectly aesthetically adapted. The other thing is its anchoring on the neighbouring teeth through hooks or other joints. These joints are not stable, they often break or the denture comes out. Patients get used to it for differently long periods of time. The price of the partial dentures is lower in comparison with the fixed dentures.

Complete denture

Complete denture consists of a resin body, into which artificial teeth are implanted. Fortunately, it is produced much less these days, because it is generally known how to prevent the loss of teeth and not to have “artificial teeth”. This is mainly thanks to dental hygiene, dental caries prevention and periodontitis prevention. Denture does not suit everyone and people get used to it very slowly. Its main problem is imperfect adherence to mucous membrane and its falling in inappropriate conditions in the mouth cavity. However, there is a large variety of dental adhesives, which help to keep the denture in its place.

Dental dentures
Removable dentures

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