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Lifelong visits of a dental hygienist

Bc. Markéta ŠuráňováPeriodontitis is an advanced and irreversible stage. The only way of not losing your teeth is a regular visit of a dental hygienist. The dental hygienist helps you to:
check your cleaning technique and dental tools
clean the calculus, plaque and pigments
find the problematic places (measuring
of the periodontal pockets and searching for the
bleeding and pus)
professionally clean the periodontal pockets – ultrasound
+ special instruments (remove the calculus and plaque under
the gumline)
include in the regular dental hygiene dental
water jets, gels, etc.

– advanced stages can be treated by antibiotics
– go to regular check-ups (so called recall exams)
every three to six months
– realize that the periodontitis treatment is a
long-term issue

Periodontal surgery or where the dental hygiene is not enough

Periodontal surgeries are the last possibility of rescue. There are:

  • open curettage – removal of the calculus placed deep under the gums, where the dental hygienist cannot reach
  • renewal of the bone
  • plastic surgery of the gums

The success of these surgeries depends not only on the dentist’s experience and the patient’s cooperation, but also on the ability of your body to deal with this intervention.

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