Dental plaque
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Dental plaque

Dental plaque is our worst enemy. There would be no gums inflammation, calculus, caries nor gingivitis without dental plaque. It is a soft whitish coating on the surface of the teeth, gums, but also on the dentures and braces.

It consists of bacteria, food debris, spittle, dead cells etc.

It is most often formed in places, which are difficult for self-cleaning.

  • dental neck – between teeth and gums
  • interdental spaces
  • irregularly settled teeth – rotated, squeezed, leaned

Self-cleaning is the ability of our tongue, saliva, cheeks and teeth to naturally clean certain areas without the help of a toothbrush, e.g. the tops of our teeth.

As the dental plaque is soft and sticky like cream cheese, it is necessary to remove it mechanically! That is with the help of a toothbrush and an interdental brush and with the correct cleaning technique.

  Dental plaque


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