How periodontitis develops?
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Periodontitis is after caries the most common disease of the mouth cavity. It affects not only teeth and gums, but also a bone.

More than half of the population suffers from this disease without knowing it, because it develops latently and painlessly at first. Later periodontitis shows up with dreaded symptoms like loose teeth, bone recession and gums inflammation.

How periodontitis develops?

It starts quietly as a gums inflammation from insufficient oral hygiene. Gradually the bacteria accumulated in the dental plaque penetrate thanks to their toxic substances under the gums and destroy not only the periodontum but also the bone, which keep the tooth in its place.

The bone recedes and periodontal pockets develop. More aggressive bacteria accumulate in these pockets and the whole process escalates. The tooth becomes loose and consequently falls out.

Is it possible to stop the whole process?

Periodontitis starts with the bone recession. The initial bone loss can be diagnosed on the X-ray images; it is not visible to the naked eye. Periodontal pockets, with accumulating plaque which mineralises into the dental calculus, develop. Unfortunately, the patients are not able to clean these pockets by themselves. If we want to stop this process, the patient has to visit a dental hygienist regularly. She will clean these spaces with special instruments. The whole process of periodontitis is irreversible; the lost bone will never grow up again.

Periodontitis development
Periodontitis development – gums inflammation, damaged periodontium, development of periodontal pockets with dental plaque and calculus. Last but not least – bone loss.


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