Decalcification of enamel – demineralization
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Decalcification of enamel (external caries, demineralization)

Decalcification of enamel (demineralization) develops when dental plaque bacteria produce aggressive acids and thus erode the enamel. This process appears as a chalk white lesion. The acids penetrate to the enamel and the loss of minerals, especially calcium and phosphates, occurs. pH in your mouth is going down and moves to acid values. If the demineralization (decalcification of enamel) continues, the enamel inevitably starts to break and an open lesion is created and the caries penetrates into the dentine.

How to stop the whole process:

  • keeping the white lesion without plaque (thorough cleaning)
  • application of fluorides or special preparations with CCP-ACP/Recaldent
  • change of your eating habits
decalcification of enamel after fixed braces
 Chalk white spots on the front surfaces of the teeth after the removal of fixed braces
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