Caries in dentin
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Caries in dentin (internal caries)

Gradually, when the enamel has been eroded, the caries penetrates deeper, into the softer dentine, where it quickly spreads. External caries are not painful, but the tooth can gradually become more sensitive to temperature changes (cold or hot) and also to sweet and sour food.

A dentist detects the early stage of caries only on the X-ray image or with the help of special instruments (e.g. DiagnoCam). By having a look at the tooth or with the help of dental probe the dentist finds the caries later in the advanced stage, when the defects are already visible.

What is the solution?

  • the only possible: a filling
  • of course as soon as possible, because the caries spreads further to the pulp


caries extending into the dentin
 Development of the caries: decalcification of enamel and infliction of the dentine

Formation and development of the caries

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