Erosion and abrasion
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Erosion and abrasion

It is a pathological process of the loss of hard dental tissues (enamel and dentine). Erosion and abrasion are associated with our bad eating habits and inappropriate teeth cleaning technique. It all starts quietly and painlessly.


Erosion is a loss of dental enamel as a result of direct contact with acids, without the presence of bacteria. Enamel damaged by erosion does not protect sufficiently from the external influences. Dentine canals get exposed, painful impulses reach the nerve endings and cause pain.

The most often chemical influences are:

  • sour food and drinks
  • chronic vomiting (pregnancy, bulimia)
  • working in chemical industry (breathing in acid vapours)

Symptoms of erosion:

  • translucence of the tooth (attenuation of enamel)
  • yellowing teeth
  • brittleness
  • holes on the chewing surfaces (cusps are gradually “melted” by acids)
  • sensitivity or even painfulness


Frequent consummation of sour drinks


Abrasion is an excessive mechanical wear. Patients experience it most often in the form of worn-out dental necks, so called wedge defects. We tend to use inadequate power when brushing our teeth. It can be also associated with a hard toothbrush.

Other influences:

  • wrong and inconsiderate teeth cleaning technique
  • hard toothbrushes
  • bad habits – teeth grinding, clenching the teeth, biting pens etc.
  • occupational diseases (glassblowers, dressmakers)
  • toothpastes with strong abrasive effects
  • and others


Worn-out dental necks – wedge defects
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